October 22, 2009

Hizbut Tahrir Banned In Bangladesh

In 2007 I wrote why Hizbut Tahrir is the next threat for Bangladesh. They had been recruiting talented youths from Bangladeshi education institutions and brain washing them for their quest to establish Khilafat. Rawi commented in my above post:

I happened to closely follow the alarming emergence of HT in Bangladesh over the last 5 years -- alarming because they openly reject democracy as "un-Islamic", unlike the other Islamist parties that at least accept the democratic system as a pragmatic norm and act within it. Ironically, when they first started their activities at universities in Dhaka in the name of "intellectual debate", I heard some of these British-accented returned-to-Bangladesh leaders claiming that HT is a "non-violent, non-political" movement (exact words). Imagine my reaction when, less than 2 years later, I come across explicitly political leaflets being distributed outside mosques in Dhanmondi.

It's not entirely true that HT is "totally peaceful". Rather, they have taken on different colors in different countries. In places in Central Asia, HT-inspired movements have been known to engage in openly militant activities. Also important to note, though HT is currently based in the UK, they were originally founded in Palestine over 50 years ago by a cleric named Nabhani. A professor I knew at college, who once personally interviewed the late founder of Hamas, said he happened to meet an HT man in Palestine whose views were the most "extremist" he had ever seen -- even more extreme than Hamas!

Finally the Bangladesh government made the right decision in banning Hizbut Tahrir in Bangladesh.

"The organisation's activities have been banned from today [Thursday] as its activities go against public security."

Hizbut-Tahrir (the Party of Liberation) has already been banned in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, Tunisia, Libya, Turkey, and in the former Soviet states in Central Asia.


  1. as a muslim we shud follow the Quranic system and Authentic Hadith..We shud follow the system of ALLAH(swt) ...instead of following man made Raj tontro or Gono tontro.... 2 days back was Pohela Boisakh(bangali new year) ...i have realized sumthng dat the emergence of Imperialism of tradition has changed our tradition into westerns'...rock Concerts, disco, Dj parties...

    Even IMF gives loan only to the projects which will help UN in bd....

    it's not about HT or anyhtng...some people who realizes that we are not following the correct path forms a group....hwever whn such goups raises der voice dey are being banned killed and jailed...for instance take 1971...students of DMC....

    and REZWAN...by the rule of Sharia...any income from water fire is for the people...by fire it means natural resources like oil, coal, gas etc...revenue from such resources are for the ppl of dat economy and shud not be privatized, and also for the ineterest systems...ppl are living in pverty..

    and if u talk about Gno tronto in bd....we are getting so much of foreign aid...but still why are we soo poor? where are all these aids are going....i guess not in robot's pocket....

    and tell me HT is banned in bangladesh but why, any reasons?
    if u say dat HT threatens AL...so did BNP den why BNP is not banned..
    and if u say HT is recist....so is the ZIonsts den why are HT being banned and zionist community in Israel are being aided by UN...

  2. Pahela Baishakh traditions dates back to a 1000 years - you call that imperialistic - you put a doubt on your historical knowledge.

    As a free person you can follow what ever you like - but many Muslim majority countries in the world follows democracy - if you have grievance - talk to them  -you will understand - don't try to impose your blocked thoughts.

    Don't mention Sharia to me - Sharia is not followed in Bangladesh. We are not poor because we follow democracy. Sharia and Caliphate with Zizia tax to foreigners and its agression in the history do not put it as a role model to follow.

    What plans do you have to eradicate poverty? By confining women to homes and limiting free thought will you be able to generate any difference?