January 08, 2011

Google Bangladesh Page Hacked And A Probable Solution

When hackers make a breaking news headline it tells a lot about the security infrastructure and knowledge about internet security. This is from BDNews24.com, the leading Online news website in Bangladesh:

Hackers have broken into the Bangladesh site of leading search engine Google, internet service experts said Saturday evening.

"The site has definitely been hacked," said Pradip Dey, chief technical officer of ADN, a leading ISP.

"A couple of other ISPs have also got similar complaints from their clients." [..]

Attempts to access the site by users are rebounded with message reading," Google Bangladesh OwN3D by TiGER-M@TE.

In some parts, however, the site is still being accessed as ISPs cache top sites for user convenience.

But, internet surfers, who use connections of GP and CityCell, are still getting access.

I noticed this a while ago when I failed to access gmail and Tweeted about it. Twitter is a resourceful network (if you have resourceful followers :) ). Shawn Ahmed of Uncultured.com came to my rescue. Here is his solution:

Shawn Ahmed: Okay I think I have a solution for those affected in Bangladesh by the hack of Google. It looks like the hack is targeting @OpenDNS.

Shawn Ahmed:

So @google is still up and running, but OpenDNS points to a hacked page. Deactive @OpenDNS and you should be fine.

Shawn Ahmed:

If your ISP in Bangladesh uses @OpenDNS, you can bypass by manually overriding and using and as your DNS servers instead.

And soon I Tweeted:

Voila! Deactivated Opendns and I am accessing Gmail right now..

So if you are still unable to access Google sites you can try the above settings. Please do let me know if you are still facing problems.


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