January 29, 2011

On the way to Panchagarh

Started my journey towards Panchagarh, near the northern border of Bangladesh, I was worried how to get to Shayamoli early in the morning. Finding a CNG autorickshaw is a tough ask these days. I have to use autorickshaw to go to office everyday so I know the pain.

Until recently the autorickshaw drivers have created an anarchy by not going as per available meter. For every short and medium distance they would ask Tk. 100 to Tk. 150 ($2) whereas the fare as per meter would be one third of that. And they never would want to go to the place you want to go - but if you would offer them some more fare than what they asked they would definitely go.

They were exploiting common people. The police helpline didn't work. Once I complained to a police mobile team and the autorickshaw driver was bragging how he bribed the police (in front of me at a distance) by the extra monex ex-meter he was earning from me. You see that the general people were the victim.

Since this month the government had increased fare and are conducting mobile raids to ensure that the drivers ask the right fare. Now sanity prevails.

Today the Autorickshaw driver was telling about his plights - how they are losing by the new measures - aparently the autorickshaw drivers are still paying more to the owners and they are losing by traffic jam.

It remains to be seen how long it takes for them to restore anarchy.

We have strated from Shaymali towards Panchagarh. It will be a whole day journey (500 kms).


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