December 07, 2011

The first ever barcamp in Bangladesh

This was long overdue. We first talked about the need for barcamp during the recent Dhaka Tweetup in BASIS. Then in the E Asia 2011 conference the talk got wind and here we go.

The first Bangladesh Barcamp will take place during 11-12 December 2011 at FREPD auditorium in Palashi, Dhaka. The duration will be from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM each day. You need to register here and the fee BDT 200 (US$ 3) will be collected at the venue. the event is being organized by FOSS bangladesh and Ankur ICT Foundation.

Here are the links:

* Facebook page
* Facebook Event
* Twitter account @BarCampBD
* Event Page
* What is Barcamp? "বারক্যাম্প'??? !!! বিষয়ডা কি? খায়? মাথায় দেয়? নাকি...

I wish they could announce the event a bit earlier thus giving the international barcampers a chance to participate. Moreover this needed to be in the weekend thus enabling many people to attend. It will be difficult to arrange a leave within such a short time. But its great to see the Barcamp happening at last.

Meanwhile those who think Bangladesh is not ready, this video is for them:


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