December 09, 2011

Twitter Made Easy For You

During the first Dhaka Tweet up we discussed why there are not many Bangladeshis Tweeting. First of all only Citycell offers sms based tweeting. Technically users of other mobile operators can send sms to any of these three long codes (UK, Germany, Finland) as sms costs the same for local and international (BDT 2). But that is still costly for some as there are not many viable package sms options. So people with smartphones with Twitter apps use Twitter. It can also be used directly in mobile browser (like me )- people rarely know this although many of the recent phones are internet enabled and Twitter does not take much bandwidth.

I think people need to start using it and they will get the hang of it soon and it will be popular in Bangladesh. Here is a guide Titled "Twitter tips, tricks and Tweets" written by Paul McFedris which will help the new enthusiasts:

And who to follow? You can start by following me and many Bangladeshi Tweeps on this list.


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