June 01, 2003


The German/French TV Channel ARTE is running a web quiz titled as above:

The questions are:
1. Do you go to Mcdonalds?
2. How did you react to the 11th September 2001 tragedy?
3. What do you think of Mr. Jimmy Carter getting the nobel prize?
4. Which movies do you love to watch?
5. How would you react when your son wants to start playing American Football?
6. "No Blood for oil". What do you think about this message on the street walls?
7. What did you think of Mr. Bush's recent visit to Paris & Berlin?
8. Where in the world you want to travel repeatedly? (Choices ..Cuba/Vietnam/Washington/elswhere)
9. Some says.."Bush is bad but american culture is good" How do you see this..
10. The actor Charlton Heston is campaigning for legalization of keeping guns by every Americans.. What do you think of this?
11. "And this is a nation that has got citizens who are willing to sacrifice for a cause greater than themselves." Who could have said this? Choices (Bush/Laden/Blair)
12. You surely have watched the Simpsons. What do you think of the program?
13. What type of Car do you want?

Guess what... the result of my test is....

" You are strongly befriended with the Americans. If not willingly ..but the bond is strong. You had no problem hanging an american flag on your window If you needed to show your solidarity to the war on Iraq."

Well I am wondering .. I had no idea ... why this type of comment....whats on europeans' minds... well they must be blaming themselves for tossing the wrong side of coin.. or whatever...Let them do whatever they like..

Pardon me for my poor translation... & thanks Jeff for the link.


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