June 21, 2003


Yesterday was the world refugee day. Refugees have to live in most deplorable conditions human beings can face. Thrown out of from country or run away from violence, misery, poverty or discrimnation they seek refuge and or exile in other country. Are other countries willing to take this burdain? Certainly not. They are shutting the door. Tougher immigration laws are being imposed. Ofcourse there are some opportunists who misuses the helping hands to generate further oppression. And these people's misdeeds are causing other nations to put a block to accepting refugees. Instead of refuging refugees we can start the protest and pressure against oppressing countries so that they can get back to their country and live in peace and prosperity. Remember they are also in need of help of others. Otherwise "not wanted in homeland as well as not wanted in exile" they will not have anyplace to go.

Here are some links to ponder:

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