January 08, 2004


It was a bold move by the government to phase out 40,000 petrol-driven two-stroke three-wheelers to cut air pollution in Dhaka. The replacement is compressed natural gas (CNG) autorickshaws. But the government allowed only one agency Uttara Motors to import 10,000 CNG autorickshaws. They have sold 8,000 vehicles to local buyers since January 2002.

Now here's the truth. The CNG Autos made in India costs around 90000 Indian Rupees. The Showroom price of the vehicle was initially 167,000 Bangladeshi Taka ($2880). But due to increasing demand and shortage of supply the price shoot up to Tk. 367,000 ($6327) and still these are being sold.

A parliamentary body recently wanted explanations from the Communications minister as why only agency was allowed to import. Read the news here.There are reports of corruption also in the registration process. The minister refuted all such claims.

There will be committees, investigations to probe allegations but the bottomline is that the autorickshaw owners won't get back the premium amount they paid for no reason.


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