January 19, 2004

David Hookes in coma

Australian cricket legend David Hookes clings to life in a coma after being knocked to the ground by a pub-bouncer in a scuffle outside a Melbourne hotel last night. - Sidney Morning herald reports.

Hookes, best known for his sleazy remarks on cricket, was coaching the Victorian cricket team as well as sports commentating.

If you are a cricket fan then you will have plenty of amusement (and anger) reading David Hookes' thoughts. e.g:

"Ganguly came to me and said 'It's our first day on the tour, we should just bat'. So once he went well past that and his tailenders didn't bat properly, I thought 'bugger it' - we were pretty annoyed. They didn't learn to play cricket ... it was a staggering approach." - November 2003, on India's tactics in a tour match against Victoria.

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But right now, we should pray for him.

Update: The news came in that Mr. Hookes has succumbed to his injuries. May his soul rest in peace.

David Hookes (1955-2004) profile & tributes.


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