January 31, 2004


Like India, Bangladesh also has a potential to be a good source of trained IT people. But after the IT education industry boom in the late nineties nothing has gone right for Bangladesh in this sector. The govt. has not been able to bring submarine Optical fiber cable connection to this country to join into the high speed internet hub. We are still in the dial-up era and linked to the world via V-SAT.

People are blaming the quality of IT education in Bangladesh as in this editorial of the The New Nation. But my view is that there is no significant growth in the entrepreneurship of Software related products. The only growth this sector had is the increased PC & Peripheral sales. There are no big software companies set up by the leading industrial groups who could create large number of IT related jobs. Unless there is sufficient demand of IT related jobs within the country, there will be no competition and growth among the IT education institutes and their quality will fall down. The international jobs are also decreasing.

BANGLADESH government has set a target to earn more than $ 2 billion by the year 2006 through software export. I want to know on what basis they have projected this.


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