February 06, 2005


"Ami BNP ba AL er dalal na, Ami Bangladesh'er dalal". (I'm not a stooge for either BNP or AL, I'm a stooge for Bangladesh)." -Maqsud (a famous pop singer)

The people of Bangladesh have been disgusted with the rotten politics of the country. Hundreds of people lined up on the streets in the capital last Thursday afternoon staging a peaceful protest in response to a call of Ms. Asma Kibria, wife of the assassinated Mr. S.A.M.S. Kibria. People participated spontaneously carrying black flags and standing hand-in-hand for 30 minutes to show the Kibria family that they were not alone.

Inspired the response, the family members announced to launch a non-political platform demanding justice into the killing of Kibria. Awami League, whom Kibria served as a think tank and a high command leader is conspicuously absent from these endeavors.

Meanwhile, Awami League and the allies kept crippling the country with more strikes on Kibria issue upto today. The prices of essentials have risen and now export is threatened. Meanwhile the ruling government is in the hardline in battering the opposition activities as always. They have denied the right of peaceful protests and procession by using police brutality.

The general people are held hostage to these parties hunger for power. I am not sure how Awami League expects to win votes by putting people in misery. Time has come for the people to join hand-in-hand to protest these.

Imtiaz's anguished petition to both AL & BNP:

"Maf koren apnara, onek hoise r parchi na amra (Please excuse us. We can't stand it anymore)."


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