February 27, 2005


* Kama, an Indian born University student in London is also a parttime sex worker who wants to be a Devadasi in true sense. She keeps an interesting blog, where she also gives her 2 cents about anything and everything. She has been interviewed by the EGO Magazine. Human lives are so diverse.

* The Indian idol fever has spread in the Indian blogosphere too. Amit & Yazad discusses about who should win and about the wisdom of the crowds who will be voting for the candidates by millions of SMSs. Yes, you have read correctly; the voting is being done by mobile short messages. Unrestricted entries are being accepted for eight days long to choose between two finalists on the basis of TV stage singing performances. Considering the craze of the viewers, I think I would have wanted to be a mobile phone operator in India.

* Via Chan'ad in Bahrain the non-Asian readers can learn more about "the Boghole" which is also part of the lifestyle in many Asian countries.

* Can people blog to earn his/her living? Jason Kottke has quit his web-design job to spend fulltime on his blog. If you have questions then go read his post.


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