February 19, 2005


Taslima decides to ask for Indian citizenship. She is now holding a Swedish passport which she got while in exile after the fatwa on her. It is likely that she will not be allowed to enter Bangladesh anytime soon; but should that make her resentful for her own country? Did she consider the fact that if she is given the Indian citizenship, she will have to decline the Bangladesh nationality? I thought all her bold writings were inspired by the love for her country of Birth.

Moreover what is the reason behind asking for immigration rather than asylum? Nitin says :

If she does not intend to seek asylum then she must not be treated any differently from any other person seeking Indian citizenship or residency.

Her actions will leave many people guessing about the truthfulness in her writings, which is very controversial itself as regards to the quality and she will be continued to be termed as provocative and provider of cheap excitement.


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