June 23, 2005


Sameen has a brilliant post blasting all deshis who show disgust and disregard towards life in Bangladesh. She advises the teens of Bangladesh:

Its really easy to be frustrated...but isnt life all about making the best of what you have? ...yes, the country doesnt generate enough power to last 48 continuous hours without a loadshedding, yes the govt is messed up and yes the weather is really bad. But why does that make people assume life in 'America' is so much better?

Actually come to think of it...why are we even comparing bdlife to western life??? If America was 30 something yr old, we would probably have grounds to compare..

People get it wrong always:

DONT JUDGE BANGLADESH BY DHAKA AND DHAKA ONLY! Theres soooooo much more to the country!

And I like this most:

If you make a global show of disrespect for your country, the global community in return will grow disrespect for you. YOU ARE YOUR CULTURE. YOU ARE YOUR RELIGION. YOU ARE YOUR NATION. No matter how corrupt the country is, no matter how messed up the government or the society is...no matter where I go, I represent Bangladesh. I represent Islam. I represent my family.

Damn right you are. And I would also urge every one to be positive and portray a positive image of yourself and the country. Everybody tries to look decent among others no matter how poor and shattered one is inside. Don't get it wrong, its not about deceiving others. Its a mission statement, a positive image of what we want to be. Be positive, life is what you make it.


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