June 29, 2005


Sadiq M. Alam is a Bangladeshi studying in Singapore. He declares himself as simple, easy going and humble. His blog "Inspirations & creative thoughts" has become a regular read of mine where he searches the truth and reality concentrating on Sufism and Mysticism. He writes "I'm a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Taoist ..." and he explains why. It is a must read for everyone. Some excerpts:

"We are all seeking the same goal only at different path. We are all on a journey, knowingly or unknowingly we are trying to reach to the ultimate goal. Some will struggle more, some will less. Some are on straight path, some are not.

But can we deny our aspirations to Love our Beloved God? Can we condemn other just because they speak different language and have different culture? Can we deny their faith just because they call the same God in different name, the same God who is beyond name and form?"

Although he is a true believer of God, he thinks "there is a lot of things one can learn from Atheist philosophy". Surprised? But he does not create catchy statements; he talks of logic and reasoning:

"An atheist deny to believe blindly, and that is a good starting lesson. You don't and shouldn't believe blindly. In Islam, the term Iman is not blind faith as one might think, it is "reasoned faith" or "conviction". In Islam, the last religion doesn't want people to believe blindly, rather want human being to question and seek the truth. In Quran one can find a lot of verses concerning the creation and asking man to ponder and meditate."

One great mind said "the knowledge of truth, combined with the proper regard for it and it's faithful observance, constitutes true education". I couldn't agree more.


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