June 06, 2005


* Return Darjeeling to Bangladesh, if no to Gorkhaland: Subash Ghising, GNLF leader

* High Drama staged in Bangladesh’s political arena as ex-dictator H. M. Ershad's second wife was arrested. The events have become hot tabloid items. But she might be a victim of a political intrigue.

* Salahuddin Shoaib Chowdhury hopes for an open and unbiased flow of news about Israel to Bangladesh, increased relations between Israel and Muslim nations, and the elimination of hate toward the Jewish people in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the non-Arab Muslim world.

* In politics everything is possible. The right wing BJP leader L.K. Advani calls Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the force behind the two-nation (Hindu-Muslim) theory, as a "secularist". Express India says "Far from his Hindutva origins, BJP President L.K. Advani has mutated into a travel-to-Pakistan, Babri demolition-bashing, RSS ignoring kind of politician".

* At last haute couture for your Chicks.

* After a heat wave had disrupted lives in Bangladesh for over a week and killing over 20 people, rain finally did sooth the capital and elsewhere. Did this prompt the rain to fall?


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