April 09, 2006


Tasneem Khalil wrote an wonderful peace on the Kansat killings in last January. This was the first signs of people rising and the use of police force to tackle it. Uninterrupted supply of electricity, was it too much to ask? Our state bodies never take into account the growing discrimination between the urban and rural public service sectors. In rural areas electricity costs more than the urban areas and yet all of the shortfalls of production are compensated by not giving power to the rural areas.

This time 4 more persons were killed and hundreds were injured as the protestors clashed with the local ruling party (BNP) goons. This time political force was used to tackle it. (Source 1,2)

The Rajshahi City Mayor Mizanur Rahman Minu , who is a member of parliament of BNP has already termed the protesters as terrorists. Now you guess how justice and probes will be influenced. You see these people boasts themselves as democratic.

Adda predicts that a new peasant revolution is forming up. People need to rise against these tyranny and unjust. I am waiting to see who will try to stop it next time.


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