April 01, 2006


A new video 'Many to Many: Public Media and the Blogosphere' directed by the documentry maker Marty Lucas is now available on the Center for Social Media website (Quicktime required).

It takes a look at the emerging world of Internet self-publishers and citizen journalists also known as bloggers and its implications for the larger world of public media. It also asks what public broadcasters in the US and the UK are doing to use new media tools to interact with their viewers and listeners in innovative ways.

The 12 minute video features Dina Mehta and Neha Viswanathan of the Global Voices network talking about their Tsunami Blog initiative at the December 2005 Global Voices conference in London, as well as a look behind the microphone at Radio Open Source with Blogger-in-Chief Brendan Greeley and host Chris Lydon.

Its a great video and must see for everyone.


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