April 08, 2006


There you go. As soon as you start hearing promises by political parties you know that election is nearing. E.g:

Free education up to degree level if voted to power: Hasina

Don't forget to quote the phrases "if voted to power" while discussing the subject. This is not a party agenda, but an imaginary "carrot" in front of the voters. The journalists have never bothered to ask the party from which fund the subsidy would come in a deficit budget. And I hope they understand that the method to raise literacy rate is to ensure primary education to all, not produce graduate clerks and jobless people in a subsidized low grade education. There is nothing called a free lunch; if there is one, that is charitable and non-eatable(ziafat).

Meanwhile I have checked the other party's website and it says it is coming soon with new features. Can't wait to see more stunts.


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