June 14, 2006


You know you are in a city hosting a world cup match in the day, when:

1) You hear horns honking in many cars in the streets. The cars are carrying flags as well as the fans.

2) Suddenly you see a corner of a square filled with people with Yellow jersey (Brazil) and the other corner filled with people of check jerseys (Croatia). The fans were assembling, singing, partying.

3) A peaceful procession of some singing Brazilian supporters is leisurely watched by some people with Croatian jersey drinking beer in a roadside restaurant.

4) In a S-Bahn (city train) bound for the Olympic stadium, the processions of supporters entering using different doors, chanting slogans, singing, honking air-horns. Police keeping an eye on them sweating in the scorching heat (It was 35 degrees!).

5) During the match, in some streets, the vibrant atmosphere of the city in a week day looked like a deserted city in a holiday. Looks like many are in the front of a TV screen with a beer in hand.

6) More than 200000 people gathered in the fan mile in the Strasse des 17. Juni near Brandenburger Gate to watch the match in big screen. Everybody was partying.

Berlin has hosted its first world cup match yesterday night. Those, who could make it to the stadium, had a real great time.

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