June 15, 2006


If you were staying in your home in Berlin and were away from the TV, you could tell the exact moment when Germany scored a goal. That's when you had heard a lot of screams and gunshots (firecrackers?) in the neighborhood. And of course the cars would be honking when the fans would be going home after the end of the match, letting you know that Germany had won.

More world cup links:

* The Polish invasion was stopped today by Germany backed by their black-red-gold colored patriotism. Apparently no hooligans were harmed during the match.

* Was soccer fan Bin Laden watching? the Saudi Arabia -Tunisia match? He surely would be angry on Tunisia because they pulled a last minute goal to draw the match denying Saudi Arabia a win after 12 years. Looks like the Brazilian Marcos Paqueta, Saudi Arabia's 16th coach in 12 years is about to be sacked.

* After yesterday's Brazil-Croatia game fans are wondering whether the Brazilian superstar Ronaldo is pregnant.

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