June 13, 2006


The FIFA world cup is the single event which is powerful enough to generate a festive atmosphere across continents proving that football is the most loved sports in the world. The TV coverages of this year's World Cup are projected to reach more than a billion people in 200 countries worldwide. Some are watching the game online.

Examples of the football passion: the socceroo fever has gripped Australia after their win against Japan in the first match. And remember, if you were an Australian and happened to be in Japan during the match, you would not risk even a smile in this circumstance.

Meanwhile if you are in Germany and you dare to blog about the world cup being boring, you can get a reader response like this:

Yes you may have found the [soccer] game you watched boring; ...There is definitely a learning curve for the enjoyment and appreciation of the game. But, if nothing else, you are in Germany and you should realize the unbelievable impact that this "game" can have on people. In fact, I imagine most of Germany is taking off work for the next month. The point is, watch the god damn world cup and realize how excellent/influential it is.

For more personal experiences of the world cup fans, I present to you the following links:

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* Live rants, images and podcasts from we all speak football.

* Running with the Ronaldos in the blogosphere.

* Fan Fest Berlin.

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