July 11, 2006


There are numerous examples of how unfriendly Germans are. They do not smile if there is no reason. If you are not aware of this German attitude then you can easily get offended. But it’s nothing personal. The Germans are very straightforward. However some of them are allergic to foreigners and a colored foreigner can get discriminated sometimes. Your every mistake would be reminded as some fail to recognize a foreign culture or attitude.

They tend to speak in German only even though they know English very well. Only during the world cup I have been spoken in English (being a foreigner) in the streets without any request.

Yes, the Spiegel Online also claims that Germany's image has changed over the last four weeks of the World Cup, thanks to great organization and publicity of this wonderful event. Even British PM Tony Blair vouches:
"The old clichés have been replaced by a new, positive and more fair image of Germany."
The whole world is suddenly finding positive pictures of Germany along with their patriotism like never before after World War II.
"Never mind the final, Germans are the real World Cup winners," (Britain's Times newspaper)
Yes, Germany is still the world champion of their hearts. If you could just see how the Germans celebrated the Italian feat in the Final; as if they had won the cup.

Did the performance of the team united the nation beyond political and social disagreements? Or is it the multiculturalism of the football that broke away Germany's xenophobia? Nobody knows exactly but I hope that this change of attitude should shape Germany positively in the future.


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