July 03, 2006

"A desktop in my browser on my desktop. My mind is going numb."
This is the initial reaction of an user of YouOS. That brings you the question: what exactly is YouOS? It is the initiative of four US college graduates. According to them:
YouOS is a web operating system that lets you run diverse applications within a web browser. Small applications like sticky notes or clocks. Large applications like word processing, mp3 players, and instant messaging. Even better, it's very easy to tweak an existing application or write your own.
Paul Boutin reviews it in the Slate Magazine:
When you launch it in your browser, the window turns into a desktop of its own, with sub-windows for e-mail, chat, and Web browsing. There are also links on the YouOS desktop for a sticky-notes program and a rich-text editor. But these programs aren't on your hard drive—they're running somewhere in the vast unknown Internet.

Its simplicity makes it a great demo. Anyone who logs on can instantly spot the big idea: You don't need Windows! You don't even need a PC! You can login and work from anywhere using any gadget with a screen and a keyboard.
Paul comments that the rumor of Google developing a web based PC that will change the world can really become true:
Check out YouOS for 10 minutes, then imagine the same project on a billion-dollar budget.
I am using YouOS and I am loving every bit of it.


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