July 01, 2006


Bangladesh is constantly topping the list of corrupted countries. Do you ever wonder why the situation is not changing?

There are mainly three reasons. Firstly, the government effort like the Anti Corruption Commission is not functioning. Secondly there are still rampant corruptions among the high officials of the country.

Thirdly, and the most shocking of them all is that the black money earned from corruption can be made legal only by paying a 7.5% tax to the government. This special relaxation by the government has legalized more than 35 billion taka ($502 million) in the 2005/06 fiscal year. The remarkable side of this scheme is that no question will be asked about the source of the money.

So why would you earn legally and pay 10-25% tax to government? The black money legalization scheme is the greatest prize for the persons who are corrupt. Bangladesh is surely bidding for the top rank for the six year in a row.


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