October 28, 2006

Bangladesh: coup possibilities?

Stratfor, known by the largest and most successful global corporations as the "shadow CIA" (Barron's) asks the question "are conditions in Bangladesh conducive to a coup?"

Bangladeshi blogger Nazzina says (her father was a high military official):

"Most of the troops and officers in Bangladesh Army will not support martial law because by supporting this the Army will lose its position as a peacekeeper (UN will literally kick them out from doing their job). So there won’t be any revenue anymore. To establish themselves as peacekeepers again will take too long. Besides, Army is not in a position to get support from the civilians anymore. It’s an old concept now. Doesn’t matter who comes in power, we aren’t ready to sacrifice our democratic power again to military.

However, IF military is called, it’s going to be for a very short period time to help establish civil administration.

There’s been great rumor flying around in Army as well (so not just in civilian minds), but most of the soldiers are reluctant to be part of the conspiracy that will make both military and civilians complete losers.

I wish her prediction is accurate. The last thing Bangladesh needs is to give away the 15 year old hard earned democracy.


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