October 13, 2006

More news and views on the 2006 nobel peace prize of Dr. Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank

* "Banker to the Poor" Gets Top Honor: Der Spiegel:
Muhammed Yunus of Bangladesh and the Grameen Bank he founded were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for their innovative work in the area of microcredits -- small loans that have helped to lift millions out of the most abject poverty.
* Credit where it's due: Geoff Mulgan in Guardian unlimited.
What makes him special is that he is such a perfect example of how social innovation happens - and how the best social change often comes from people addressing problems themselves rather than waiting for others to do so.
* Changing scope of Nobel peace prize: Lars Bevanger in BBC:
The choice represents a furthering of the Norwegian Nobel Committee's expressed desire to expand the scope of the prize beyond acknowledging those directly involved in preventing armed conflict.
* Microcredit Helps Woman Change Her Life: Michelle Foul of associated press:
With just US$1,000, Ana Helena Domingos is transforming her life. She used the loan to buy goods in bulk and graduate from small-time peddler to wholesaler, doubling her income in 10 months and spending the proceeds to get her daughter into a better school and start building a house. The source of what she calls "my salvation?" A microcredit bank modeled on the one that won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.
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