October 29, 2006

Bangladesh going towards more chaos?

Breaking News: BDNews24 reports:

"President Iajuddin Ahmed is set to take over as head of the caretaker government at a Bangabhaban ceremony Sunday evening despite strong objections by the Awami League and allies.

Bangabhaban officials said the preparations were complete for the ceremony at 8pm.

Government sources said many battalions of armed forces have been kept on alert to deal with unrest.

The presidential move came after Bangabhaban claims of failed parley with top political leaders earlier Sunday.

The main opposition called it 'unconstitutional'. The BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami, however, backed the plan.

Awami League leader Abdul Jalil told journalists after the Bangabhaban meeting that Dr Ahmed, at 76, could not head a 'non-party' caretaker government since he was elected by a party and aged above 72.

The constitution bars a person over 72 years and with political ties to head the caretaker government."

The country is destined to be in further chaos. The use of army in declaring a state of emergency or establishment of a martial law is not ruled out.

The usual the first casualty is information. The media will be shut down. Most Likely the internet will be blocked. Somewhere in, a software company and owner of the wap-internet based site has taken a revolutionary step. Now people of Bangladesh can send news to the world via sms using their mobile phone. Drishtipat Blog has details:

Should your ISPs goes down in Dhaka tonight and you want to send news to rest of the world and to us:

send sms SHOUT message.

example SMS: SHOUT clashes in paltan observed at 17:46, several bomb explosions heard.

The number to send the message to is 5455.

The messages will be viewable at http://wap.aawaj.com

For the time being, you can use the shout sms and let your wap friends share what you know or have seen.

But we do want to hear from the people on the ground and the following info came in courtesy of the somewherein website.

Update: President Iajuddin Ahmed took taking oath as CTG chief as an additional duty at 20:00 hours Bangladesh time. Awami league claims they were notified moments ago and they were not present in the ceremony. However they did not reject Iajuddin outright.


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