June 29, 2007

How blogs can be used...

Zo people (Burma) or Zou people (India) are an indigenous tribe of Tibeto-Burman race living mainly in parts of Burma, India, Bangladesh and the world. In Bangladesh they are known as Lushai.

Zo Aw, a monthly magazine from Guwahati, Assam, India has been trying to promote news the voices of the Zo people since the early 1980s. Now Zo Aw publications have a blog and are urging to start using blogs to make it a toll for integration of the Zo people. Here is the blogger Carey Suante's views:
"One of the main problems of integration of Zo people is the lack of communication. Lack of communication creates lack of understanding and suspicion between two villages, between two tribes, between two towns, between two churches etc. We live in three different countries excluding hundreds in Europe and the Americas and in different states within the same country. So blog is our most viable and affordable option to bridging the gaps that has been going on for decades and even centuries. Through blogs we can post informations about our own villages, towns, communities and churches. We can post news from our own localities and receive feedbacks from Zo people living around the world.

Imagine if there is a blog for each village, town, locality, church etc from Zo inhabited areas in India, Burma and Bangladesh and also from other countries. There will be more interaction and understanding of each other and thus creating mutual respect and empathy among the Zo people. We will be able to find useful informations about any village, person or event online. Watch Zo singers and movies and download songs and videos and documents.

One may ask is it possible for villages where there are no internet services or where people have never even seen a computer. My answer is still yes. I am almost sure that there is a person living in some town or city with internet connection who originally comes from a village where there is no such facilities. This person can sure put up a blog with his or her village's name and post everything that he knows about his village. He can get updates or news from his friends or family in the village and post it on to the blog where Zo people around the world can see and read them. This is also true for every church, community, organisations that we have, every shop or business enterprise and hotel owners and so on and so forth. There are limitless possibilities!

What we are creating is a virtual Zoland where we live and interact as a nation. This I am sure can transform our thoughts and views of each other and give us opportunity to think as a people. People doing research and studies on any Zo related subjects would then be able to get their information easily from anywhere and everywhere in the world."
Wow! What an interesting idea! More power to Blogs. I hope Carey becomes successful as it is really possible.


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