June 08, 2007

Quote of the day

"Bangladesh is one of the richest lands, rich on cheerfulness." - Anusheh Anadil, lead singer of Bangla band in the Deine Stimmen Gegen Armut Concert in Rostock.

"Anusheh has a strong foothold on classical music having trained in Indian raga music from a very young age. Anusheh also writes her own lyrics and found a lot that she could relate to in the traditional spiritual folk songs of Bengal.It was the content which first attracted her, and naturally with her love for vocal music, she was soon singing these traditional songs but with a unique new style of her own. Anusheh is naturally creative and runs her own Crafts Shop called, ‘JATRA – A Journey into Craft’ in Dhaka which is an extremely popular haunt of the young and trendy looking for craft and casual wear made by local artisans with Bangladeshi material, believing in ‘ being Bangladeshi, and buying Bangladeshi products’."

- More on Anusheh and Bangla band in Congo Square


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