June 08, 2007


The Abendzeitung had an interesting article last month (15.May.2007) describing all the minor misdemeanors that are "verboten" (forbidden) under local Munich law.

As foreigners here we often joke about how the Germans love their rules and regulations. From the tone of this article it seems that even the Germans themselves get surprised at how many petty laws they've instigated.

Here are some examples of the more interesting regulations, together with the fines you have to pay if caught breaking them:

*Spitting chewing gum onto the street - €10 for first offenders, €15 thereafter.
*Spitting on the street - without chewing gum this costs even more, €15 to €50.
*Climbing trees in public areas, both as an adult or child - €50.
*Using a mobile phone while cycling - €25.
*Cycling while under the influence - even with 0.3% blood alcohol you risk losing your driver's license. Presumably it's just a fine if you don't have a license. With 1.6% you risk up to a year in jail regardless of whether or not you caused an accident.
*Feeding pigeons - €15 to €35.
*Feeding swans is even more offensive - €40.
*Swimming in the Eisbach, surprising, because everyone does it anyway - €25 to €35.
*Wearing a bikini on Karlsplatz - this is against the "Ordnungswidrigkeit engesetz" . Apparently it's not illegal until someone complains. Funnily enough, however, nobody has yet complained.
*And finally, crossing the street on the little red man. At €5 a pop this is a bargain basement fine.

(Source : an email from Fahim)


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