August 27, 2007

Did we forget the flood?

Photo: Sumaiya Ahmed via Flickr (attribution license)

You can also check this brilliant arial photographs of massive flooding through out Dhaka and central Bangladesh in Flickr taken by CujoPhoto.
The flood-related death toll went up to 702 yesterday since July 30 this year and most of the casualties were caused by drowning in floodwaters. The flood situation in the country is likely to improve further as the falling trend of the major rivers including the Brahmaputra-Jamuna and the Ganges-Padma is expected to continue, according to Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC). (Source: The Daily Star)
The recent curfew has taken the toll on flood relief. The Daily Times Pakistan reports:
Widespread violence triggered by student unrest prompted officials to impose the curfew in six cities on Wednesday. But the clampdown on dissent severely disrupted the movement of health workers and supplies to flood-hit areas, disaster management officials said. This had led to a jump in the number of people with diarrhoea and over the past 24 hours about 4,000 people contracted the illness. Relaxing the curfew allowed the sick the chance to get to hospital.
I think flood relief and rehabilitation should now be the priority of the government.


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