August 06, 2007

The national anthem of India is in Bangla language?

The debate is over the national anthem of India Jana Gana Mana, lyrics and music by Rabindranath Tagore, the Bengali Nobel Laurate. He is the only Author whose songs are national anthems of two countries, India and Bangladesh.

The song is sung in Hindi. Ragib Hasan states [Bangla] that an Indian Government website claims that the hindi version of Tagore's song was taken as the national anthem of India.

But Ragib shows that it is actually the Bangla text pronounced in Hindi accent. No Hindi adaptation was done (note: Hindi and Bangla language have same roots) and nore there was any formal decision of the Indian Government regarding this.

He asks whether Indian Government has any problem in admitting that the song is in Bengali language but sung in Hindi accent?


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