August 25, 2007


I will be traveling in the weekend so will not have the chance to update the situation of Bangladesh. The frantic search for news updates were taking toll of me anyway and this will be a welcome break for me.

The Government has decided to relax curfews from 6 am today for 17 hours. Ershad Ahmed posts photos of the street life in Shahbag area taken on Friday evening. Life seems to be normal. There is even a groom's car being decorated. So people are also getting married in this situation. I am sure scores of weddings and other engagements were already canceled.

Life still goes on. It remains to be seen whether the spark that has been ignited is still burning inside.

Last but not the least lets tally some numbers in the last 3 days via Shawrav's Blog:
* 42,000 cases were filed against unidentified people including students in different police stations in Dhaka city. More cases will be filed in different cities.

* More than 200 are already arrested for breaking the emergency rules.
The prospect of lawyers and judges are very bright in this country.

Enjoy the video coverage of Bangladeshi blogosphere in the France24 news channel.


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