December 28, 2007

Should Bangladesh recognise Israel?

This is what some Bangladeshis think:
"Israel, the Jews State, was established in 1948 in the land of Palestine unlawfully evicting tens of thousands of Palestine Muslims, has been a subject of debate in recent time in the country.

The debate is whether should Bangladesh recognise the Zionist State or continue to pursue the present foreign policy? We know that the Tel Aviv Government does not trust the Muslims and ordered its troops to kill them at will. The troops do it calmly.

The Arabs fought three wars to recover the lost land. But instead, they lost more lands to Israel, part of which was regained through negotiation initiated by the USA. Still a large area of Jordan and Syria remains under the occupation of the Zionist State. From this point of view, Israel cannot be recognised.

On the other hand, recognition can be accorded provided the Tel Aviv Government allows all the Muslims evicted from Palestine since 1948 to return to their fatherland, pursue peaceful co-existence policy and pay full compensation for the damage caused to them.

I believe that the Jews should have a state of their own. In the Quran, there is no verse denying their right to a state of their own.

They were only forbidden to Palestine for 40 years for their refusal to fight a race that illegally occupied (Palestine, part of Syria and part of Jordan)-(Ref: 5/26). It happened during the time of Hazrat Moses (AS)."


  1. I, as a human being and as a Bangladeshi, very much support the existence of the state of Israel. I pity those Muslim leaders and Muslims who see Israel only as a Jewish state, not as a state where some human beings (instead of Jews) live. Look at Mahatir Mohammad's comments, look at Ahmedinejad's comments of destroying the state. The very idea of Islamic Brotherhood is racist as it tells u to make friendship with the Muslims only with maintaining "NORMAL" relationship (but not friendship) with others. Bangladesh is not racist though most of the people of the country are Muslims. Our national anthem was written by Rabindranath Tagore who was a Hindu and was born in the Indian part of the subcontinent during the British regime. Bangladesh should not consider what the uncultured, illiterate Arab states will tell her if she supports the existence of Israel. These states always like complaining rather than showing the guts to solve any problem, let alone sacrificing for the greater interest of mankind. Go ahead Bangladesh, recognize Israel where few million human beings like us live.

  2. I'm a practicing muslim and a bangladeshi, and I believe that Allah wanted the state of Israel to be created, if Allah detests the state of israel(according to them arab regimes) wouldn't Allah already have deatroyed Israel by now?, surely if Allah wants something to be done, it will stand through qyama,or else it wouldnt

    besides Israel was one of the first countries to recognize bangladesh, and I think its time to repay the tribute towards israel.

    May Allah Israel,May Allah bless The United States Of America,May Allah bless all of us

    peace to my brothers in Israel

  3. noway ...BANGLADESH should nt recognize israel.

    There is just one reason, be proud of Bangladesh is it doesn’t recognize Israel as a country. Still I love Bangladesh only for this reason. . <span></span>

  5. <span>In the Quran, there is no verse denying their right to a state of their own but yes it is said in the Quran that they are expelled from their homeland because they killed the prophet...  It's just punishment for them to not have a land of their own...</span>