December 16, 2007

Victory day and the quest for the truth

Today marks the 36th anniversary of the Victory day in Bangladesh, a day when Bangladesh came into being. 'Victory against what?' one may ask. It was a victory against the farcical two nation theory, The colonialism of West Pakistan and their oppression against their East Pakistani brothers in economic, administrative and cultural sectors, victory against one of the worst genocides in the history of the world, victory against the rape of thousands of women by the Pakistani soldiers and the nine month long liberation war.

The history of the Bangladesh liberation war is an epic itself, the journey from east Pakistan to Bangladesh was long and full of struggles.

This year's victory day is different because there is a renewed call for trial of the war criminals who are trying to rewrite history.

I was watching TV talk shows in a Pakistani channel which talked about the fall of Dhaka and what mistakes Pakistan made. To Pakistan Bangladesh's father of nation Sheikh Mujibur is a traitor and India was the driving power behind the cessation. However they did not mention the Genocide that took place during nine-month war in which official records say 3 million people were killed and thousands of women raped. The general Pakistanis were provided with the wrong version of the truth all the time. From a Pakistani newspaper:
Only foreign media aired the news of the Fall of Dhaka on December 16, 1971. Radio Pakistan kept airing usual transmission and giving a picture of “all is well”.
Even the reports the Pakistani people get display a fragment of the truth.

So it is imperative that the truth is available to everyone along with evidences. I have started a project supported by E-Bangladesh which will publish an online archive of all the available information, evidence, eye witness portraying the true story of the genocide committed by the Pakistanis in 1971.

When this is done this will be the greatest gift for the families of the millions of people who have lost their lives. You can help in the endeavor by providing eye witness accounts, scanned copies of relevant copies of the books etc.


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