December 28, 2007

World's best market this year

If you are an entrepreneur or a venture capitalist you must know which markets have the best returns. From the Motley Fool, a commercial website about stocks, investing, and personal finance:
Comparing world markets is tricky because it involves adjusting for currency fluctuations and inflation, which is never straightforward. Thankfully, the Motley Fool Global Gains team has developed a model to compare world markets on a more even basis. With a common reference, yearly and monthly comparisons help investors see just what regions of the world are flourishing or decaying.

The results for 2007 so far follow the amazing discovery in 2006 -- the United States comes nowhere near the top five markets for 2007. Neither do many other advanced, industrial nations we commonly equate with economic growth. So, which international market currently tops the list?

(Opening the envelope ...)

Bangladesh, with a whopping 134% return year to date. But most investors haven't a clue where Bangladesh is, let alone how to invest in the country.

The political turmoil in Bangladesh also makes the region one where all but the most risk-tolerant investors don't want to tread anyway. And the early stages of growth in Bangladesh have just as good a chance of reversing course as they do continuing higher, so investors shouldn't just jump at the best market determined by any one year's time frame.

This is a pleasant surprise. And the world should know that now the political situation is stable in the country and we hope that it will remain so as the country return to functional democracy next year. Despite the blows of cyclone and flood the GDP growth is projected to be consistent.

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