February 11, 2008

Avian Bird Flu H5N1 in Bangladesh

We have been hearing about the presence of avian Bird Flu H5N1 in Bangladesh since March, last year. It has now spread in an epidemic scale (40 out of 68 districts). Widespread culling is in effect trying to reduce the virus from attacking the humans. The government has banned selling live poultry. So far no human deaths are not reported in Bangladesh although some flu affected humans were quarantined.

The epidemic is not only confined to Bangladesh, but India, Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand etc are also been affected. It seems we are witnessing another global spread.

The H5N1 blog is a good source of information on this. A recent editorial in the New Nation suggests ways to tackle bird flu in Bangladesh.

And what effect does it have on the industry? In Bangladesh many have stopped consuming poultry related products. It is a massive blow to the economy.


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