February 19, 2008

Cricket: A team looses in four balls only

This has to be a record in any form of cricket. Bermuda's women cricket team lost to the South African women team in a world cup qualifier match the result of which will be hard to be matched in centuries to come.

Bermuda could make only 13 runs in 18 overs with three of its batswomen scored 1 each (10 extras). Their captain Linda Mienzer held on to one end making 1 run off 48 balls.

Form Line and length blog:
In reply, the Bermuda opening bowler, Terry-Lynn Paynter, sent down nine wides and a no-ball before eventually getting one ball to land on the strip, which was hit for four. There was a grand sum of five scoring strokes in the match. Brilliant.
Here is the scorecard and the Cricinfo bulletin.

If you are looking for some good cricket don't forget to follow the Under-19 world cup being held in Malaysia.


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