February 15, 2008

Bangladesh press being silenced about specific news

I am shocked to see that all the newspaper or TV/Radio in Bangladesh was silent about the latest report by the Human Rights Watch on incidents of torture in Bangladesh and the ordeals against Tasneem Khalil. This was widely reported in many major international media.

A journalist working in the Daily Star commented:
"The press is still gagged tightly. We still cannot write about anything negative regarding the military in our articles. This has been going on for more than a year. Tasneem Khalil and Arifur Rahman incident have happened for a reason. Irene Khan’s trip to Bangladesh gave us some hope. But little seems to have changed since then. This country is bursting at the seams."
However the Daily Star put up an editorial today titled "17 years of 'journalism without fear or favour". What a hypocrisy considering Tasneem Khalil was working with them and they conveniently was also silent about the report.

Listen to the BBC Bangla interview of Tasneem Khalil on this HRW report and the Bangladesh Government's reactions.

Update: The Daily Naya Diganta, a leading Bangla daily published the news.

Update II: The New Age publishes a brilliant editorial titled "Tortured truths" by Rehnuma Ahmed:
"According to Human Rights Watch, Tasneem’s account is ‘the most detailed public account of a case of torture in Bangladesh.’ There are other testimonies too. The truth has been told.

We can no longer keep our eyes shut."
Via Shahidul News.


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