April 04, 2008

Biased propaganda against Bangladesh

Recently two articles were published by Sunita Paul who calls herself as a South Asian Expert which are no less then paid biased propaganda. There are some truth in it but they are being manipulated to tarnish specific groups image relieving others and I will show you how.

In Asia Tribune she write a "Bangladesh next Afghanistan" style article where she claims the nine month liberation war of Bangladesh "is the To my knowledge, it is the shortest ever war of independence in the world history for any nation to get independence". Well she should have consulted this before.

She criticizes the present caretaker government for blaming BNP government for the present power shortage. She says:
"The figure being looted by the previous government in five years was somewhere in One Billion dollar as per statistics provided by the interim government. Now experts are raising questions as to why the present government could not even add a single mega watt of power in past fifteen months, when it is believed that nothing was looted at lest by them?"
She even calls Bangladesh a failed state.

She accuses the military without any proof or fact:
"As the food crisis in Bangladesh is already moving towards the alarming state of famine, corruption within administration and involvement of some of the millitary officers along with their family members in various crimes including grabbing of properties, harrassments, blackmailing etc., are increasing very fast."
Now she writes another article in the Global Politician where she starts the sentence with "People of Bangladesh are possibly witnessing the come back of horrific days of 1974, when the entire country was affected in a devastating famine killing numerous people."

Silent fame is being uttered by some think tanks now so I decided to give her the benefit of doubt. But she started some statements without giving source:
Bangladesh Awami League follows socialist structure as its party's principles. Fortunately, in personal lives neither Mujib nor his followers are practicing such failed policy. Most of the Awami League leaders are rich enough to fit the affluent classes. Sheikh Hasina's only son Sajib Wajed Joy is one of the richest Bangladeshi youth in United States while her daughter Sayma Wajed Putul is no less rich. Mujib's youngest daughter, Sheikh Rehana lives fabulously wealthy life in United Kingdom. Many of the Awami League leaders are holding accounts with foreign banks, where they have reportedly deposited huge amount of cash, secretly.
Now one can expect what is to come:
"Ziaur Rahman is considered to be the only honest ruler in Bangladesh, although there are numerous questions about his political honesty."
Still the benefit of doubt as she starts describing about corruption of Ershad.

But then it stops. She says nothing after 1990, the rampant corruption of the two tenures of BNP government and one tenure of Awami League. She did not ever mention one name from the corrupt BNP politicians who are now being convicted one by one.

So you can easily realize who sponsored her to tarnish the image of Bangladesh.

When speaking about the silent famine she could have investigated why Indian government increased export price for rice from US$ 350 to US$ 1,000 per ton in last couple of months.

Update: Sunita Paul is on a roll here. Now she claims:
And, according to latest reports, Dhaka's present rulers are even in worst ever situation than their predecessors, as a large number of beauties (mostly wives of military officers) are becoming increasingly influential in the society. They can do almost everything. Grabbing properties, taking bank loans, blackmailing, and promotions – in short anything. Names of the wives of a number of top ranking military officials are in circulation in Dhaka, who is no less influential as well corrupt than any of the previous 'mighty beauties'.
She wrote recently:
Although Bangladesh got rid of one Giasuddin Al Mamun, it is gradually going into the grips of hundreds of such 'Mamun'. Recently, one woman named Liza, who is the wife of a major of Bangladesh army demanded cash ransom from a business house in the country. When the owners declined such illegal demand, this woman has lodged false cases against those businessmen and doing everything to harass them by using the influence of her husband. Despite written complaints lodged by the owners of the company, no action has ever been taken against Liza for reason unknown. This may be only one case in thousands. Many such incidents will even escape media's attention.
I wish she could present facts from legitimate sources in her claims. Without them these allegations will be treated as sweeping stereotype remarks and not less than a propaganda.


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