April 03, 2008

Human rights situation in Bangladesh

From the New Age tallying in the first quarter of 2008 by the human rights organization Odhikar:

* India's Border Security Force killed 21 unarmed Bangladeshis. 12 Bangladeshis were reportedly injured in firing by the Indian guards.
* Extra judicial killings went on in the quarter when 16 persons were reportedly killed in custody or in 'crossfire'.
* Under the state of emergency, repression on journalists continued. Seventeen such incidents were reported. Five journalists were injured and eight more were threatened. Pressure on journalists remains unchanged in connection with publishing factual reports.
* Ninety-five women were reportedly raped.
* Thirty-one persons were victims of acid violence.
* 68 women became victims of violence over demands for dowry. Forty-nine women were killed and 17 were tortured. Two women reportedly committed suicide as they could not bear the abuse any more.


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