April 24, 2008

Blame the neighbor for the dirty lawn

Bangladesh has been fighting fighting a tiring battle against the Avian bird Flu disease for more than a year. But like many things India has been blaming Bangladesh for spreading the disease. They even claim that the virus came to India by "winds blowing from Bangladesh'. FLA_MEDIC from USA tells that this is almost impossible.

He even criticizes India's blame game:
The West Bengal government, however, ignored early reports of bird deaths back in December, and failed to act swiftly enough to contain the virus. The virus reportedly spread, virtually unhindered, for nearly a month. And once action was taken, it was often poorly organized and only partially effective.

The H5N1 bird flu virus may well have come into India by way of Bangladesh (unproven, but certainly possible), but it became entrenched due to the slow and often ineffective actions by the local government.

But, when local economies are affected, and lives are negatively impacted, it is only good politics to shift the blame to a neighboring country.


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