July 04, 2008

Dot sub and the Multilingual Web

dotSUB is a browser based tool which lets you subtitle any video into and from any language in a collaborative way to let them be understood globally. From its about page:
The goal was to create a tool that was as simple to use as the Google search bar, with no downloads, that could engage the power, methodologies and thinking of open source, wikipedia, social networking, creative commons and web2.0 user involvement to substantially remove language and cost as a barrier to cross-cultural communication using video.
Michael L. Smolens is the founder and CEO of dotSUB and I met him in Budapest. He showed us more features in the coming release of dotDUB which enables any user to translate a transcription to any language using machine translation and use it and let the others edit it to perfection.

Look at this video Dr. Muhammad Yunus Banker to the Poor which has been translated in more than 60 languages in the world including Zulu. The Bengali version was translated in parts by other(s)and me and I edited to completed it.


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