July 08, 2008

She sang in Bangla to create a sensation all over the world

Palbasha Siddique (17), a Bangladeshi student of Minneapolis' Southwest High School was contacted by the makers of the video "Dancing 2008" aka "Where the hell is Matt?" to sing for it. She sang a Bangla song titled Praan (life) and her angelic voice made the video an internet success.

Harding dances in a recording session with Siddique: Photo credit Palbasha Siddique via Minnpost

Minnpost reports:
The video was downloaded to the web on Saturday, June 20, 2008. By Sunday, it had 1 million hits. By Thursday, it was everywhere — embedded on Facebook and MySpace pages and flooding email inboxes and translating into millions of viewers, thousands of comments, and official "gone viral" status.
StarTribune.com reports:
"Dancing" has now been viewed 4 million times on YouTube and is being watched (and praised) by web-surfers from all over the world.
The video took 14 months to make, was shot in 42 countries with a cast of thousands. Its producer video game maker Harding writes about Matt (31) from Connecticut:
"In 2007 Matt went back to Stride with another idea. He realized his bad dancing wasn't actually all that interesting, and that other people were much better at being bad at it. He showed them his inbox, which, as a result of his semi-famousness, was overflowing with emails from all over the planet. He told them he wanted to travel around the world one more time and invite the people who'd written him to come out and dance too."
So if you feel like dancing why don't you join in!


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