July 11, 2008

The largest Non-profit (NGO) in the world

Did you know which is the largest Non-profit organization (NGO) in the world? Its BRAC of Bangladesh. An ordinary citizen has details.


  1. i have been dealing with relief programs since long and have found that the government keeps the relief funds/goods for so long that the need of it is gone for those poor people. I have a NGO which i got registered an year back but me and few other friends of mine have been doing this god humantrian effort n <span> </span>work and have been reaching out to the needy, i would suggest a snr executive should be sited in |Pakistan| and should disburse the funds in front of him to small ngo's like who are helping people from their own funds and whenever we go for the higher ups a share from the charity is asked..

    please do something which can send these people some help and not mere death and un healthy lives. we are on ground zero and we know how difficult terrain and modus operandi we have to work around to get to them, in this political carnation.

    i hope my words could be aired to right people

    best regards
    Mrs Qamar K.Paracha
    widow of MAJ.GR Khalid Paracha
    00923054461107 Hammad

  2. where is it located

  3. to know the detail