November 24, 2008

Bangladesh Election: The field gets heated up

After the deferral of polls to December 29, 2008 the Election commission of Bangladesh has met one of the demands of BNP and they are hoping that this will pave way for the all inclusive election. The BNP hailed the decision but is still hoping that their three demands including repealing the Section 91E of the Representation of the People Ordinance 2008 will be met. So there is still an element of doubt till the final submission of nomination, that is November 30, 2008.

Amidst all that we have seen the usual hate politics has started. The country is visibly divided in two major issues, the pro-Awami league front and the Anti Awami League front. The pro-Awami League front will bring issues like Razakar, war criminal and religious extremism. The Anti-Awami League forces will do anything in the world to oppose Awami League. Their favorite issue is to say that Awami League will again install the one party Bakshal system. And of course Awami League will sell the country to India for the umpteenth time.

Now conspiracy theories are flying all over and across. Hasina fears that the upcoming election might be engineered in BNP's way whereas the pro-BNP voices are fearing that this interim government setup will ensure Awami League's victory.

The latest rumor is that there might be an assassination attempt by the religious extremists on either Hasina or Khaleda by the religious extremists just like Benazir Bhutto's assassination.

I think all of these people should come to their senses and the parties should pitch their best candidates, good agenda and run a proper election campaign.

And the general people need to use their logic not their emotions while voting for a candidate. We need to break the shackle of confrontational politics.


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