November 22, 2008

Vote for Rising Voices

Rising Voices is one of the projects that I love to be associated with. I feel my adrenaline pumping every time I read about the efforts of common people across the world and how they are overcoming all the challenges to share them online. Bangladesh's Nari Jibon is just one of those examples.

Rising Voices provides micro-grant funding for more than a dozen community blogging projects in some of the most under-represented parts of the world. (Read this post for more info)

Jillian York comments on Rising Voices:
Although the global blogosphere on the whole might be growing proportionally..the majority of bloggers reside in cities, are middle class, have traveled. The blogosphere is, in other words, filled with people you already know.

That, in a nutshell, is what’s so great about Rising Voices. The idea of taking something so simple as blogging into a rural or poor or simply disconnected community and offering it up for grabs is one thing, then seeing it through, witnessing the always-unfinished project blossom is the best thing.
Watch this trailer to know more about some of the projects:

Rising Voices has been nominated for the prestigious Deutsche Welle “Best of the Blogs Award” (B.O.B.) in the category “Best Weblog”. The nomination itself is a great recognition as more than 8,500 weblogs were suggested for nomination and a jury selected the final 11 in each of 16 categories.

You can vote for it here till November 26th and view the results here.


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