November 19, 2008

Uncertainties in Bangladesh

"Is everything OK in Bangladesh?" asks BDfact. The government was to announce around 3 PM today a new poll date instead of 18th December.

BNP and its coalition is almost on the verge of boycotting the election. It was evident from their play with religious sentiments. Nazim Farhan Chowdhury bets that if BNP does not want something it does not happen. Let us see whether he is right or not.

Dr. Akbar Ali Khan, ex adviser of the past caretaker government commented:
"BNP will harm more to itself than to the country if it does not participate in the election"
But it seems they are not thinking about the nation instead of their chance of going back to power.

All the other parties including Awami League are all set for the December 18th Election. Will Bangladesh embrace for the change? We can only wait and see what happens next.

Update: The Bangladesh government declared that the elections will go ahead according to schedule that is December 18. According to BBC the BNP boycott would be a serious blow to the government's pledge that the elections will be the fairest in the country's history.


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