December 28, 2009

Back To Square One

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the landmark election that brought Bangladesh back to the path of Democracy.

So what change has this one year brought to Bangladesh? We have got many young and energetic ministers who have promised a lot but yet failed to deliver up to the people's expectations. The good thing is that they are not corrupt (not yet) like their predecessors and perhaps we need to give them more time. Furthermore the government is yet to show any success in the energy sector, securing Bangladeshi labors' rights and many other things.

The government has created a lot of controversy in the meantime, the implementation of daylight savings time and its illogical rolling back (did they thought of the technological challenges like changing time of mission critical computer systems synchronizing with the world?), indiscriminately renaming mazor installations of the country in political motive (do these guys really care how tough and costly is it to change the name of the major international airport in all the records of the world?), the home minister sounding like the notorious BNP one.

The BNP has not learned from their past mistakes and are taking the same path of making the democratic process dysfunctional. They are not going to the parliament and taking the path to destabilize the country. The are reinstating their corrupt leaders. Their corrupt leaders like Nazmul Huda now vows to take revenge against those people who detained and questioned him. They think that Bangladesh is like their kingdom because they are powerful, who are you to ask for their accountability.

Meanwhile the religious parties like Jamaate Islami is shrewdly trying to cash on anti-Indian politics. Their recent politics includes honoring liberation war heroes whereas they were against the liberation of Bangladesh. They are trying their best to stop the trial of war criminals. Meanwhile the other religious parties are harping on the Tipaimukh issue to publicize their agenda. The strategy is simple, play with people's emotions and establish political Islam.

So the Bangladesh political scene is returning to its old shape. So much time was wasted to talk about reforms inside political parties and Bangladesh politics in general. All in all we are coming back to square one.


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